Best winner football tips and predictions for today

Everton hosts Manchester City at the Goodison Park in a game from the 36th round of the Premier League. Stay with us and our best winner football tips and predictions for today.


These two teams are having very different ambitions in the last few matches from the season. Everton are trying to survive while Man City are looking to win the league. They are leaders at the moment, but just one point ahead of Arsenal. They need the win here.


But Everton needs the points as well. The Toffees are just two points ahead of Leicester City and the relegation zone. In the last round they managed to escape it as they achieved a crucial 5-1 win during the visit to Brighton & Hove Albion. It was a sensational performance from Sean Dyche’s team – something that gives them hope for the next game as well.


Manchester City needs to win the game in order to keep the top position in the league. For them it’s a bad thing that this game comes between the two fixtures against Real Madrid in the Champions League. It’s going to force Pep Guardiola to make rotations against Everton which could be a dangerous thing to do as well.


We expect to see a very different Man City team against Everton compared to what we saw against Real Madrid. Many of the stars could sit on the bench and make room for rotations. It means that Laporte, Sergio Gomez, Alvarez, Mahrez and Foden could all start against the Toffees. That’s because Guardiola will need his team as fresh as possible against Real Madrid few days later. But will these rotations work? We should wait and see.


That’s the best winner football tips and predictions for today for the Premier League clash between Everton and Manchester City. The Cityzens need to win here, but the same could be said about their opponents. Let’s see what’s going to happen.